Agriculture AutoTrac Controller

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Offers integrated guidance for mixed fleets

Control a mixed fleet of machines with AutoTrac™ Controller

Operators need to get the most out of their fleets in order to stay one step ahead. As a fully-integrated system, AutoTrac Controller brings high-precision guidance to a mixed fleet of machines.

AutoTrac Controller operates with a large variety of tractor platforms and can use all levels of StarFire™ accuracy, from SF1 to RTK.

AutoTrac Controller provides the highest precision to non-John Deere and older John Deere tractors.

Reduce operator fatigue and time spent in each field

AutoTrac™ assisted steering system greatly increases operator productivity by maintaining consistent accuracy and efficiency. Operators remain more alert while they are in the field and are able to focus on implement settings and varying field conditions. AutoTrac also allows operators to confidently create evenly spaced rows past sunset, as well as in rain, dust, or fog.

AutoTrac allows the operator to maintain the optimal working speed for a specific application. This helps maintain peak machine and implement performance, resulting in a uniform field. Consistent speed also allows for more acres to be covered in a day for those applications that require higher speeds, like spraying.

 AutoTrac also improves operator comfort as the operator has time to concentrate on implement tasks.

Reduce soil compaction and passes

Reduce compaction with AutoTrac

As tractors and field equipment become larger and heavier, there is a growing concern about soil compaction. Heavy equipment and tillage implements can cause damage to the soil structure. Soil structure is important because it determines the ability of a soil to hold and conduct water, nutrients, and air necessary for plant root activity.

By using AutoTrac™ steering system, operators can optimize the number of passes and reduce compaction. Additionally, the operator can confine traffic between certain rows and avoid compacting the row area.

AutoTrac allows producers to use the same traffic lanes year after year, sacrificing a small portion of the field in favor of having no wheel traffic in the majority of the field. Restricting traffic to specific lanes also provides a firm soil surface for more efficient tractor operation.

Without using AutoTrac during field operations, there is tendency for passes to overlap. Each pass over a field under poor conditions can cause significant damage to the soil.


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