Frontier GX11 Series Grinder Mixer

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  • Banded V-belt
  • 14-in. vertical mixing auger
  • Self-contained hydraulic system
  • Optional 7-ft intake auger


Manufacturer John Deere
Model GX1117
Overall machine height  3.2 m 
   10.6 ft 
Overall machine width without intake auger  2.4 m 
   7.75 ft 
Overall machine width with intake auger  2.7 m 
   8.7 ft 
Overall machine length  4.8 m 
   15.7 ft 
Ground clearance  29.2 cm 
   11.5 in. 
Weight without intake auger  145.1 kg 
   3200 lb 
Weight with intake auger  1632.9 kg 
   3600 lb 
Tractor requirements  
PTO hp 540 rpm PTO  37.3-85.8 kW 
   50-115 hp 
PTO hp 1000 rpm PTO  37.3-108.1 kW 
   50-145 hp 
PTO rpm  540 or 1000 rpm 
Drawbar  Category 1  
Quantity  Two  
Size  12.5L-15, 20 ply  
Mixing chamber  
Capacity  4.8 m3 
   135 bu 
   170 cu ft 
Diameter  182.9 cm 
   72 in. 
Mixing auger  
Diameter  35.6 cm 
   14 in. 
Base diameter  76.2 cm 
   30 in. 
Style  Standard, front mount over mill  
Style  Standard, 2-full length, 1-port hole  
Hammer mill  
Feed  Gravity hopper or swinging intake auger  
Width  53.3 cm 
   21 in. 
Cylinder diameter  50.8 cm 
   20 in. 
Hammer quantity  66  
Hammer type  4-way reversible steel alloy  
Screen area  3871 cm2 
   600 sq in. 
Screen hole size  0.3-5.1 cm 
   0.125-2.0 in. 
Rotational speed  2700 rpm 
Drive  Eight A section banded v-belt  
Magnet quantity  Two  
Magnet size  10.2x45.7 cm 
   4x18 in. 
Unloading auger  
Tube diameter  20.3 cm 
   8 in. 
Length  3.7 m 
   12 ft 
Standard reach height at 53 degrees  5.8 m 
   19 ft 
3-ft extension reach height at 53 degrees  6.6 m 
   21.5 ft 
6-ft extension reach height at 53 degrees  7.3 m 
   23.8 ft 
Rotation degrees  300 degree (angle) 
Intake auger  
Direct drive  Independent hydraulic motor  
Length  213.4 cm 
   84 in. 
Diameter  30.5 cm 
   12 in. 
Hopper size  106.7 cm 
   42 in. 
Hopper minimum height  50.8 cm 
   20 in. 
Hydraulic system  
Type  Self-contained, includes pulley driven pump, reservoir and pressure relief valve  
Pump pressure  22,063 kPa 
   3200 psi 
Oil flow  39.7 L/min 
   10.5 gpm 
Hydraulic reservoir  Cyclonic  
Oil filter  10 micrometer  
   10 microns  
Supplement hopper  
Dimensions  45.7x58.4 cm 
   18x23 in. 
Height  88.9 cm 
   35 in. 
Lighting, marking and safety  
Transport safety lights  Standard  
Markings  SMV  
Safety tow chain  Standard  
Jack  Standard  
Set-up time  
Labor hours  1  
Machine  1 year  

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