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Planned Maintenance = Equipment Longevity

The life of your equipment greatly depends on the maintenance care performed during its life. With regular oil changes, blade sharpening, filter changes, belt checks and full machine inspections, you can cut your cost of large repairs and downtime to a minimum 

Year-around Nobbe Maintenance Programs allow for constant reassurance that your equipment will perform at its best, keeping your crew working and your organization one step above the rest.

Contact Randy or Jim to set up a maintenance plan that works for you. With our experienced Service and Parts Department, your plan will include the full dealership support our customers deserve.

Make your gas mileage count!

In 34 locations across St. Louis, southeast Missouri and southern Illinois, our dealership host Parts Drop Boxes to keep you on your route of business. 

Call your trusted Parts team member and have your part dropped at any of these locations for you to pick up at your convenience. Purchase the parts over the phone using John Deere Financial or credit card for easy handling.

For a complete list of Parts Drop Box Locations, click on the link below!

Your very own Parts Department, right in your shop!

When it comes to the Nobbe's Parts Department, we are never short of conveniences for you! Through our Parts OnSite Cabinet program, you can stock some of your most common parts, right in your own shop.

With a professional, sturdy metal cabinet, provided by WM Nobbe, you can have the part you need without leaving your shop. Taking advantage of John Deere Financials money savings finance programs, and with knowledge of our Parts Team, this cabinet can be stocked in no time. Re-ordering is as simple as giving us a call when you are running low!

Give us a call for all the details!

Parts Drop Box Locations

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