Financing FAQ


What are your hours of operation?
Our Customer Service Representatives are available by phone from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Standard Time.

How do I contact John Deere Financial customer service area?
You may contact Customer Service by phone, email, or mail.

Whom should I contact for a service problem with my equipment?
We recommend that you contact the dealer who sold you the equipment.

How do I get a credit reference?
A Credit Reference Request with your account number and signature should be faxed to John Deere Financial at 1-515-267 4579 or sent via mail to:

JDF Customer Service
ATTN: Credit Reference
P.O. Box 6600
Johnston IA 50131-6600

The Credit Reference Request should include where you would like the completed Credit Reference sent. If the request is received on a business day prior to 3:00 p.m., the credit reference will be sent via fax or mail the next business day.

How do I get a photocopy of my contract?
Please contact JDF customer service, either by phone or email. It is currently our policy to send a photocopy of your contract within 3 business days.


What do I get when my account is paid off?
Within 30 to 60 days of the payoff, you should receive your original contract stamped "Paid". If you have any questions please contact Customer Service.

I have a small credit balance on my account and it should be closed. When and how do I get my refund?
You will normally receive a credit balance refund within 30-40 days. Please email a customer service representative if you have questions.

May I change my due date on my loan?
Yes, you can change your due date to be the 1st, 10th, or 20th of the month, within the following guidelines:

  • Please note - the due date you request should be within 20 days of your current due date.
  • Your account must be current in order to make the change.
  • You may only change the due date once during the term of the loan.
  • Please continue to make your payment on the currently scheduled due date until you receive confirmation that the due date has been changed.
  • If you meet these guidelines, please complete the online Change Due Date Request form. You will receive a response to your request within one business day.


Why does my statement have a past due amount?
If we did not receive your payment by the due date additional charges/fees may be assessed on your account.

What are my payment options?
You have several options for making payments.

I forgot to include my statement payment remittance with my check. Will my check be applied to the correct account(s)?
It's always a good idea to put your account number on your check in case it gets separated from your remittance. Please contact us if you want to confirm your payment was applied appropriately.

My payment was postmarked on the due date, why is it considered late?
Payments must be received and posted to your account on or before the due date. Please allow mail time for your payment to be received.

Can I pay with a credit card or debit card?
John Deere Financial does not accept credit card or debit card payments. However, you may use Western Union who accepts credit card payments, to make your John Deere Financial payment. There is an additional fee charged by Western Union for this service.

How soon is my mailed payment applied to my account?
Your payment is applied to your account based on the date JDF receives the check. You need to allow sufficient mail time, which may be 7-10 days. If your payment due date does not allow sufficient mail time, we offer One-Time Direct Pay, please call Customer Service at 800-275-5322. Prior to your call please review the information needed to complete a one-time direct pay transaction.

I sent my payment on time, but it has not been credited to my account. What should I do?
There are two options you should consider.

  1. Check with your bank to see if your check has been cashed. If it has not been cashed within 10 Days, please contact us. Your check may be lost in the mail.
  2. Check with your bank to see if your check has been cashed and that John Deere Financial endorsed your check. Please contact us to verify that your check has now been credited to your account.


When is my payment considered late?
Payments not received by the due date are considered late.

Can I Post Date my check?
We cannot accept postdated checks. We offer One-Time Direct Pay by calling our Customer Service area on the day you have funds available to streamline the process. If you would like to visit with someone regarding your payment, please contact Customer Service.

I have monthly payments. Can I use One-Time Direct Pay every month?
Please see One-Time Direct Pay.

Who do I contact if my note is paid-off but I still have an open lien?
If you have a question pertaining to an outstanding lien, please contact our UCC department at 1-888-427-8713.

Does my insurance continue after my loan is paid off?
No, your insurance, if financed on your equipment loan, terminates on the maturity date of your loan or on the insurance expiration noted on your loan contract.

Will I get a refund of insurance if I pay my note off early?
If you pay off your loan early, the refund of your insurance premium is built into your payoff amount. If you pay off your loan at the end of the term, there is no refund of insurance premium.

My insurance claim check is made out to both John Deere Financial and myself. I need to repair my equipment, what do I need to do?
Please send check, along with a copy of the work order and instructions to the following address. We will endorse and return the claim check via regular mail.

My equipment was a total loss, what do I do with my insurance check?
When there is a total loss, please endorse the insurance check, send it to the following address and we will apply the amount to your account. Please be sure to include your account number.

I'm late on my final payment. When does my insurance expire?
Insurance coverage* usually expires on the scheduled final payment date, not on the date you make your final payment.

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