Commercial Financing

Financing that works as hard as you do—season after season

Whether you’re a long-established company or just starting out, cash-flow management and credit availability are vital to your business. That’s why you can count on John Deere Financial.

If you’re a professional groundskeeper, landscaper, or a commercial mowing operation, we offer a wide range of competitive finance options to help you optimize your cash flow and acquire the latest equipment and supplies that you need. New equipment means more reliability and reduced maintenance costs, which helps free up capital.

For those months when business slows down, we offer attractive seasonal payments that let you conserve cash by paying as little as one percent of the amount financed during the off-season.

Keeping tabs of your expenses is easier when using our convenient online account management. Multiple users can charge to the same account, and you can easily track usage.

For fast and flexible financing that grows right along with your business, John Deere Financial is here for you. Accepted at all John Deere dealers and John Deere Landscapes locations.

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With John Deere Financial, you can get the equipment or supplies you want quickly, with finance products specifically designed for commercial use. Our convenient financing options can be used to purchase riding lawn equipment, Gator™ utility vehicles, commercial mowing equipment, as well as turf parts and service from any John Deere dealer. You can also purchase landscaping supplies at any John Deere Landscapes location.

To get started on the right plan from John Deere Financial:

  • Complete a commercial credit application
  • See your local participating John Deere dealer, or
  • Call John Deere Financial Customer Service Department at 1-800-541-2969. Our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

Be sure to read the Commercial Terms and Conditions before you apply.

To apply for an installment loan or lease, visit your local John Deere dealer. Be sure to ask about our seasonal and skip payments — one of the perks of being a John Deere commercial customer.

Have questions about financing? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Seasonal & Skip Payments

One of the unique advantages of being a commercial customer with John Deere Financial is our seasonal and skip payment structure, which is standard on our installment loan and lease products.

Seasonal Payments

This payment structure is a great way to help you manage your cash flow. Seasonal payments allow you to:


  • Choose up to six consecutive months during each year of the contract term, when you’d like to make a lower payment
  • Make a seasonal payment as low as one percent of the amount financed
  • Pay less during slow months to conserve cash flow and increase your payments during the busier months


  At the end of each year, the amount of principal and interest is the same as a monthly finance plan. Here’s an example of how it can work:


Low cash flow November – March
$8,500 financed at 3.9% for 36 months

  Month Regular
  Nov $251 $85
  Dec $251 $85
  Jan $251 $85
  Feb $251 $85
  Mar $251 $85
  Apr $251 $369
  May $251 $369
  Jun $251 $369
  Jul $251 $369
  Aug $251 $369
  Sep $251 $369
  Oct $251 $369

Skip Payments

For commercial customers wanting to avoid payments during slow seasons, our skip payment structure is also available.

Three consecutive monthly payments can be skipped each year.

  • Down payment may be required
  • Three payments must be made prior to any skip period


Damage Insurance

Protect your equipment investment by choosing Sentry Optional Physical Damage Insurance when you purchase or lease your John Deere equipment. This insurance covers a variety of risks for actual cash value at the time of loss (less deductible):

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Collision
  • Upset
  • Fire f
  • Flood


John Deere is proud to partner with Sentry, and we recommend their coverage for all our commercial customers. When you do, you can expect the following:

  • Premiums Included In Installment Or Lease Payments
  • Rate Fixed For Term Of Contract
  • Convenient, Fast Claims Service
  • Early Payoff Provides Prorated Premium Refund


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